Fitness Goals to Loving Your Body

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You know what sucks? When you finally start heart-eyeing yourself in the mirror after all the hard work you’ve just put in: mentally & physically just to scroll through your IG feed to see absolute shredded females who make appearing “flawless” look so easy, and in turn make your new healthy body look shameful and embarrassing.

You know what sucks even more? Turning a blind eye to the fact that IG fitness models should not be your goal. Unless, perhaps, you:

  • Compete in fitness shows for a living
  • Are endorsed based on your fat % for a living
  • Wouldn’t mind giving up all the foods you love to start hardcore macro tracking, body building, and possibly getting a nose job, boob implants, and some insane photo shop skills

So unless you qualify for one of those three and if all of this sounds oh so familiar, here are a few words of advice that I have found help me to focus on ME and stop me from comparing myself to IG’s highlight reel.

  1. Delete your Instagram account

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? What’s harsher is your tendency to inspect IG pictures to their core and idolize them, while simultaneously hating on yourself. So, hey-if it takes deleting your social media for a while to focus on your own individual and AMAZING progress, do it. I have. I got sick and tired of scrolling through feeds of females who post half naked selfies for attention and fitness pages that are virtually porn, and comparing myself to something so unrealistic and unattainable. It’s easy to forget these are the same people that have their makeup and hair professionally done, ensure 120% perfect lighting and posing for every shot. If your life revolved around your IG page, you could probably fit right in. But it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. There is so much more to life. And first on that list is learning to love yourself, not compare yourself.

2. Remember you are your only competition

Set goals for a week or a month at a time and give it hell while you crush them all. At the end of the week/month, do not focus on anyone else’s progress but your own. When you start realizing how dedicated and consistent you have been, you will pride yourself more and more on your own progress and will start giving yourself the credit that social media probably hindered from your thoughts.

3. Find the RIGHT role models

If you are currently have heart failure from #1, this advice may be more up your alley. There are many fitness role models out there who are so similar, they all mesh together in my mind. Their IG pages are mostly self-centered posts to show off their asses and side boob, the occasional motivational post, and a reminder that they can give you advice if you sign up for their weekly newsletter or plans for a fee (eye roll). They also conveniently leave out the plastic surgery, Photoshop, and body enhancement drugs… because, then, you would throw in the towel and hit the “Unfollow” button.

Personally, I’ve found two very inspirational role models who will respond to your e-mails, comments, and SnapChat messages with kindness and who are open to giving out FREE advice and suggestions. Their workout plans are much more affordable than most I’ve seen and they do not endorse any brands that they don’t just use themselves, or try to sell some “miracle” products that will help you get fit and healthy. Their names are Cristina Capron & Anna Victoria – look these babes up! My friend actually met Anna and she was apparently the realest, most down to earth human being. I’ve had personal e-mail exchanges with Cristina and she is truly so helpful and real. Her workouts and advice WORK and she is honest about her own binge-eating episodes, she shows all the foods she eats, including pizza! I find that when I look at their posts or websites, I feel motivated, inspired and excited to become healthier and fit. On the contrary, when I look at the others’ pages, I feel completely hopeless and about three million miles from my goals.

Cristina Capron (left) & Anna Victoria (right):

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4. Do it with a friend

What is more fun than setting goals (and crushing them)? DOING IT WITH YOUR FRIEND(S). If you want the realest and most genuine motivation, where better to find that than from your best friends? When I start a new workout plan or fitness goal, it just seems so much more attainable and the journey just becomes more FUN when I drag a girlfriend to do it with me. It is great for accountability, too.

5. Change your perspective

And while you’re at it, stop taking life so seriously. Yup, I said it. While having a killer bod would be fantastic, it isn’t worth your sanity or your happiness. Stop making it a chore to LOVE YOUR BODY. JUST DO IT. Instead of looking at your body and wanting to punish yourself by depriving yourself of all things chocolate and 67,000 burpees, view your new goals (health plan, workout guide) as a way to show your body LOVE. When you change your mind set about your journey, you will find joy in it. When you find joy and passion in it, you will have a burning fire set under your ass and crush your goals with ease. (Not really with ease, but you will be so much happier!)


For the love of God, just LOVE YOURSELF. You do not want someone else’s body. You want your OWN body, just stronger and healthier. You do not want to punish yourself by eating carrots and wholesome food, you want to nourish your body. And finally, you do not need a photo shopped IG model to measure your worth or your beauty.

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