An Average Day: Leg Day & Nutrition

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As you know, I haven’t exactly been on my A game with my health and workout routine lately. To be honest, ever since I came to the realization that I was detrimentally obsessed with my macros and hitting the gym 6x a week, I have been struggling to find my balance.

Sometimes when I say that, I get annoyed with myself, because it goes against everything I preach and ultimately believe about health and fitness. It isn’t an on again, off again… 100% all or nothing thing. It is completely normal and healthy to just not feel like working out, and to just eat whatever your body is asking you to (even if it’s just Oreos… okay maybe don’t do that…) and there is no one size fits all regarding a routine or meal plan. Everyone is D I F F E R E N T. And that is okay.

The reason I know I am “in a funk” is simply because I want to get my workouts in and I know I feel better all around when I am consistent and fueling my body the right way… I just have been at rest for so long, that it is hard to get back to healthier habits.

“A body at rest stays at rest.”

This week a fire has been lit under my ass, okay? I met a new friend and she is goals. Her name is Stacie Montanaro and you can follow her amazing and motivational IG here: >>>> @stacejaym <<<< It is v important that you do because she is the best human. She is a personal trainer AND she wakes up earlier than I have to in order to to get my workout in… SOOOO… I asked her to text me when she is up in the mornings, so when my alarm goes off, I can check my phone, see her motivational reminder and feel accountable to someone (or else have to embarrassingly tell her I slept in anyway lmaooo).

So far, IT’S WORKING!!!!

I am still using Cristina Capron’s CCFIT app for my workouts (workout routine: Fit For Life) and I just started where I left off a whole 2.5 weeks ago. The plan is for 4 workouts a week (absolutely doable) and I love the split: legs, chest/back, legs, bis/tris/shoulders, legs! And if you’re thinking my legs must be toast, you’re right… and I only did one leg day so far 🙂

Example Leg Day Workouts:

1 and 1/4 squats

Weighted step-ups

Single-leg leg press

Single-leg sideways leg press

Curtsy pulse lunges

Straight-leg dead lifts

Calf raises

Holy burn.


angry cookie monster GIF


Surprisingly, I have also been killing it in the realm of nutrition. I mean, I basically copied all my goal human’s meal ideas and hoped for the best. And whaddya know… it is, in fact, the best.


2-3 whole eggs, scrambled with ham and top with laughing cow cheese

1/3 cup oats with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, topped with bloobs and 1 tbsp of peanut butter

Coffee (I love Stok’s unsweetened cold brew or I make my own latte with espresso), unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1 Truvia, duh.

Lunch (Goal Human’s)

Roasted veggies (sweet potato, zucchini, peppers, broccoli w. olive oil and salt and pepper) over a bed of spinach, edamame, Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lemon pepper chicken, Trader Joe’s Green Goddess avocado dressing


This is optional and random, depending on how hungry I am, which I haven’t been because my first two meals are huge, filling and have the perfect balance of micro and macro-nutrients.

Apple (with or without caramel dip…) OR an Orgain chocolate shake in a tetra-pack (easy) OR a lactose-free yogurt like YQ by Yoplait with some granola.


My boyfriend and I love to cook together and we love good food, so we don’t mess around here. No plain chicken and green beans for us. Plus, I am learning that when I am consistently fueling my body the right way, I eat the right portions of the “not so healthy” stuff and I can make a nice balance of yummy food, protein, and veggies (V V IMPORTANT).

-Taco Tuesday: ground turkey, low sodium taco seasoning; spanish rice; guacamole; shredded lettuce; fat-free refried beans (I would normally steer away from labels like this, but in this case, fat-free literally just means they don’t ADD lard to the bean mix… gross… I think I can do without, thanks.); sour cream; shredded cheese

-Pasta nights: Trader Joe’s raviolis (they have so many amazing kinds!); homemade turkey meatballs; Caesar salad

-Steak with veggies and cauliflower “mashed potatoes” or real homemade mashed potatoes

-BBQ chicken thighs with Alexia’s sweet potato fries and side salad

-Colombian food night: Thin steak; rice with beans (Sofrito makes this dish); plantains in the airfryer; an overeasy egg

Still Hungry? Late Night Snack!

Fruit; yogurt; protein shake (if I didn’t already have one earlier); rice cakes with PB&J; high protein/low cal ice cream (Halo Top, Enlightened, or even just a smaller portion of real ice cream because YOLO but try not to do that every night)

So as you can see… our dinner’s are definitely delicious and not boring… and we’re getting pretty good at making healthier versions of our fav comfort foods. If you’re not familiar with serving sizes at all, try tracking macros for a short-period (a week or so if you’re interested… not necessary), and focus on filling your plate with protein, good fats, lots of veggies, and good starches!

Side note: I might be trying the Quest pizza that’s been sitting in my freezer gawking at me… so maybe I will do a review of that… I’m a bit skeptical, not gonna lie.

If you try any of these meal ideas, let me know! Hope this helps! You can do this! We got this!



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