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Be Happy & JUST DO IT!

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Imagine if we could throw away the brainwashed thoughts that have formed our current reality. Do you ever think about where you would be in life if you followed your heart and let your inner child guide you? Life is too short yet here we are wishing away our days as we pray for 5 o’clock. How sad is that? We want our days to pass us without even living them. I’ve been reading some books that have truly inspired me to make some changes in my life so I can truly be happy. Making change can be extremely scary and frustrating and we often hear the phrase, “it’s easier said than done.” But guess what? It’s quite easy.


I’ve thought back to my care-free days and tried to remember what made me happy. First and foremost, I didn’t care about what people thought of me. I didn’t care if people stared or laughed or whispered to their friends. I didn’t care about fitting in. I never watched the clock and I was ALWAYS excited to wake up in the morning. There’s a few activities and hobbies from those happy days that stand out to me the most.

  • Writing – Yup, it’s no coincidence that I feel so at peace right now typing away this post instead of doing my accounting job.
  • Singing and writing songs- Although I loved it then, it’s probably not something I would love to do right now… and I swear it isn’t because my voice would pierce through the thickest walls.
  • Coloring and arts and crafts- Yes, I actually LOVED to make poster boards, big birthday cards, decorate my walls, etc. I do still find peace in coloring and doing artsy things like making cards for my boyfriend and cute things I find on Pinterest.
  • Being active- Ah, my love for staying active started way before college. I couldn’t wait to get outside, ride my bike, run around, go play at the park, and explore.
  • Reading- I’ve always enjoyed reading a good book.

Looking at my life now, I still enjoy and find many similarities between my favorite past times and my current favorite activities. The things that make the time FLY by, that never makes me check the clock, the things that I cannot wait to do when I wake up in the morning doesn’t come from my day job. Surprise!

You ever feel sick to your stomach thinking about your day job??? Probably because you, like me, feel like you were put on this earth to do more important things for this world. I feel like my life should be more extraordinary than it is right this second. Starting today, I’m doing more of what makes me happy. You should join me!


  1. Writing – I’m so happy just typing away and babbling on and on about my life, fitness, love, nutrition and health.
  2. Reading – There is really nothing better than getting lost in a good book.
  3. Working out – I truly love experimenting in the gym and trying new workouts, admiring my favorite fitspos on IG and researching the latest and greatest in nutrition.
  4. Baking healthy treats – I don’t do it often but I really do love experimenting with baking delicious Paleo treats (okay, or just regular ones… with a lot of Oreos).
  5. Spending time with friends and family – Sometimes all I really need to boost my mood is to visit a new (or fav) coffee shop with a friend or my mom… or visit my Nonna and Nonno and talk about life.
  6. Only answering to myself –  It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I cannot and will not work for someone else forever. I want to eventually be my OWN boss. I want to build my own empire, not waste my life away while I help someone else build theirs. How foolish are we that we have spread this thought “disease” throughout our society?

The “Stupidity disease” is real… and most of us have it already… but I think there’s a cure:


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After taking a hard look at the things that make me happy and unhappy, I’m determined to maximize this profound breakthrough by making moves towards these goals. I want to work towards consuming my mind with nothing but these thoughts of what I want for myself. I’m letting the universe know that I’m ready to receive nothing short of amazingness (this is 100% NOT a word) all around.

I just want to say I pursued a career in writing… I just want to see if I can launch an online fitness career… I just want to see if I can bake a really amazing Paleo cookie that people pay for…. I just want to see if I can shake these feelings of guilt and obligation that I honestly hold to everyone but myself. I don’t care if I’m not being realistic or that you think I’m being crazy or irresponsible. I don’t care if I sound immature and ungrateful for my job and not accepting that I’m an adult and have loans and a mortgage to pay for. I. Don’t. Fucking. Care.

I love myself enough to start taking chances… starting today. I want to start a business with my boyfriend and family. I want to spend most of my days with them and my friends… not cooped up in an office from 9 to 5 just dying to be free from these walls. I want to jump for joy when I’m working and doing research, not roll my eyes and contemplate swan diving from the roof of the building. I don’t know, dudes, but I think that even though I sound slightly delusional and insane… I’m onto something.

And I don’t know about you guys… but I love myself enough to tell everyone to fuck off while I do my own thing.

I may need to take my time and start a side hustle to start off, but I will get there one day. What is meant to be WILL find it’s way, they said. But only if you stop hiding from it.




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