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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I decided to copy my friend Alexandra and do a “fun fact” post about myself! Hers made me LOL so hopefully mine can do the same for you! I feel like I am a very transparent person, and tend to open up fairly easily to those who spend enough time with me, but not all of you may know certain things about me. Or maybe my blog posts have done a good enough job that you’ve been able to assume those things about me. Let’s see, shall we?! *PS) I chose 11 because 11 is my favorite number and my birthday and this was my sneaky way of turning it into 12 fun facts without using one up*

Fun Facts About Me

  1. I am half Colombian and half Sicilian. Yes, I am an aggressive human, okay? My dad was born in Medellin, Colombia and my mom was born here… but my uncle and grandparents were born in Sicily, Italy. My household speaks Italian (or Sicilian dialect) more than they speak English… so I understand every single word… but I can only swear in Italian… go figure.
  2. My parents are divorced. This came as a surprise to some of my friends. My parents got divorced only a few years ago, but let me tell you… it was a long time coming. My dad has a drinking problem, but he will die before he ever admits it. We don’t really get along or even talk much, but I do my best at trying to reach out here and there. He’s the reason I didn’t take a sip of alcohol until I basically turned 21… hated it even then… and drink very rarely now. I still get annoyed when I am not in the mood to have a drink and friends try to pressure me to have one. But I also crave a good mai tai or margarita once in a while, too.
  3. I’ve been cheated on. Not by my forever #mcm, Shean!!! He is an angel sent from the heavens, I swear. But the idiots I “dated” before him, cheated on me. This isn’t a “woe is me” bullet point, this is a “this is why I don’t take shit from anyone” bullet point. A “everything really does happen for a reason” bullet point. A “your prince charming is out there just like mine was” bullet point. Now it’s funny because of course I look back and ask myself if I was on drugs to even give them the time of day. And now those guys are ugly, bald, broke and alone. Jokes on them. My prince charming has arrived and is here to stay. This is probably why I am obsessed with him and cherish our relationship so much. ILY. ❤
  4. I am still low-key obsessed with Eminem. Okay, maybe it isn’t low-key at all. I was just waiting for his comeback, but I still listen to all his old tracks in the gym and now I can boast about it again because GUESS WHO’S BACK… BACK AGAIN… SHADY’S BACK… TELL A FRIEND. It is just a coincidence that I posted this on his birthday, ok?
  5. I get rosy cheeks way too often. They flush red instantly and my chest gets blotchy red and people think I am breaking out with hives. I swear I am not having an allergic reaction… it just happens… when I’m subconsciously irritated or tired… or just when I feel like people are looking at me and I don’t want them to be. It’s annoying. I will survive.
  6. I scored for the other team. In high school, I played basketball. I was decent at it (contrary to your belief now that I am telling you this story)… so I was absolutely mortified when I swoosheddddd in the wrong fucking net. And those assholes really gave the points to the other team. I WAS IN, LIKE, 8TH FUCKING GRADE. C’MON DUDES. The worst part was how happy and excited I was. It took me a good minute to try to grasp why no one on my team was cheering for me and all looked extremely disappointed. *What’s wrong guys??? I just got us some gnarly points!!!* 🙂
  7. I am so sick of peoples’ shit. Whether it be ex-friends who I know are fake as shit, or reading posts from the most fake humans I ever met, boasting about how great of a person they are (like who you trying to convince? Us or yourself????)… My block list is insane and so is my list of unfollowed and muted. My patience is thin and I am learning very quickly who is worth my time and who isn’t. I am not a fan of people who take themselves too seriously… don’t be one of those people. YAY for growing up. I see right through all the B.S.
  8. I hate sharing my things. I don’t know what it is, but the thought of sharing my things, especially my clothes, with any other human… makes me want to die (dramatic I know lmao). I mean, I don’t mind helping a sista out, but you are very dear to my heart if I let you borrow anything. If I don’t, don’t take it personally though. I literally have this issue where I can’t wear new clothes or shoes for the longest time because I don’t want to ruin them (??????????) I literally have a really expensive pair of Michael Kors sneaker wedges that I begged for… and have not worn once… I got them two years ago. I am working on it because, like, what is the point of buying them?
  9. I have had the same best friend for 20 years (or something). Her name is Joanna and she keeps me sane, I swear to God. She is my longest friend and I consider her my family. So for all the friends I have ever cut from my life… it isn’t me, it’s you. Joanna will vouch for that.
  10. I ripped my pants on an excursion once. When I was like, between the age of 12 and 15, I went on a cruise with my family. Of course we booked excursions for the islands and one was a River Rapids tour, where you sit on a tube and fly down the river rapids… and into some caves for good measure. “It’s a little shallow in some areas… so when I say UP… make sure you hold your bums up as far as you can so you don’t hit any rocks.” Fabulous. I was very good at keeping my butt up… but I wasn’t so lucky with my shorts and bathing suit. My shorts got stuck on a rock somehow, while we were literally flying down the river. My family kept flying by, strangers, and oh, look, only one guy left before I’m chopped liver and out here all by myself probably until I die… good thing he was a hefty man… he grabbed me and I immediately grabbed my shorts that I felt being ripped right off my body. I looked homely/naked the rest of that island tour. And pretty sure it was the same island, when I also got stung by some fucking immortal foreign being. My back swelled up and I screamed so loud. Some lady who was a nurse overheard my dramatic commotion… and her husband who thankfully wanted gum disease was chewing on tobacco, which she so kindly took from his mouth and put on my wound. (This apparently helps with removing any poison that could have been left with the sting.) YAY FOR THAT VACATION. SOLID 10/10. V FUN.
  11. I am a nerd. In high school, I graduated #11 in my class of over 400 kids. I loved doing homework, especially my math homework. I loved reading (still do). I genuinely enjoyed helping my boyfriend with his algebra homework when he took it in college and I may or may not have run with it and did it all out of pure pleasure. In college, I never went out. I was always doing homework or studying or at the gym or going home to hangout with Joanna (see #9). Judge me, idc. Look how half the “cool kids” from high school turned out.

Hope you found this amusing and learned a thing or two about me! 🙂 If you already knew all of this, you need a hobby.



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