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5 Things EVERYONE Can Be Thankful For.

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Today is the best day and holiday in my opinion… no pressure of buying gifts, lots of food, lots of family time, and did I mention lots of really good food???? It is a day where you can really take a look around and appreciate the people you are with: the ones who love you most. To be thankful for the health and youth of your grandparents. To be thankful to have a roof over your head and a warm home to spend this chilly day in. To be thankful for the food that can feed a small army.

Or do you just let the day pass by without even thinking about the miracle of your life?

If you do the latter, you really ought to take a step back. This day comes once a year and it is essentially the brink of holiday season and cheer. It is a couple days off from work (God, we all needed that) and a couple days of relaxation after you spend some much needed quality time with your crazy families. 🙂

If you’re not sure what to be thankful for… or you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. Here is a reminder of 5 things EVERYONE can appreciate this year… and every day, as a matter of fact.

  1. Your life. Literally, the fact that you are alive and breathing. You may not be experiencing the best of your days right now and you may be struggling just to get by… but you better appreciate that you woke up today and be thankful for it. Your heart is beating and you exist in  this beautiful, crazy world. That is an extraordinary thing.
  2. Your family and friends. Whether big or small, or whether you were adopted or living in foster care, you probably have at least one person or even thing in your life that you can count on or people in your life who have passed and are looking over you and cheering you on every single day. Don’t overlook the unconditional love of your pets. There will never be a more loyal being than your beloved animals.
  3. Your past. Do you have a past? Good. That means you’re growing and evolving. You may not be where you want to be right this second, but if you hang on tight, I promise one day you will get there. Stay strong and keep on keeping on.
  4. Your youth. You may read that and think, “My youth? I’m 45+! I lost my youth a long time ago.”  and I am here to remind you that right this second is the youngest you will ever be again for the rest of your life. Perhaps the  next time you want to take a look in the mirror and cry because you feel “old”, you’ll consider this mind-blowing truth, and stop taking your youth for granted. 🙂
  5. Time. We all have it but we certainly don’t get enough of it. Do your best today to live in the moment. Don’t waste time and energy being angry… let those moments be fleeting so you don’t have to look back and wish you handled it differently and better… you can’t get time back and we can’t make more of it… so appreciate it and don’t take it for granted.


Now let’s go eat ourselves into a coma with our loved ones!


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