Tone & Sculpt Ambassador!

Hi babes! Long time no talk!

Tax season has commenced and I haven’t made the time to write any new blog posts. (Notice I said I haven’t made the time instead of I don’t havthe time… because we can prioritize what we want to and lately I’ve been prioritizing quality time with the mans and watching Netflix after work.)

I have some cool news to share for those who don’t follow me on Instagram or simply missed my related posts over the last couple of weeks.

Krissy Cela (yes the Queen herself) selected me to be one of her Tone & Sculpt ambassadors. She only chose around 20 girls around the world for this for now so I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity. I’m sure you’re like “What the hell is that and why do I care?”

As a Tone & Sculpt Ambassador, I will be:

  • Posting workouts, recipes, meal ideas, motivation, and more to help build a community of women who are using the app (or just trying to get their fitness and health in check!) We are resources for anyone who has questions along their journey!
  • Staying accountable myself with the help of the other amazing ambassadors. We chat daily and have already created friendships with one another. We are from all around the world so it is so cool to be able to say I have friends from Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, the UK, California, Colorado, and more!
  • Krissy plans to do a world tour v soon and I will be there for her event in Boston! (I will keep you posted!)
  • And a bunch of other cool stuff I don’t want to announce just yet 😉


Overall, I feel that this app is amazing. It provides you a customized nutrition plan and workouts, alternatives for foods and workouts, challenges, and more. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you can download it HERE now, subscribe for the 1 month option so you can get the 7 day free trial! Once you fall in love, cancel the 1 month before the 7 day trial is up and just sign up for the quarterly or yearly because you WILL love it and it will save you some money that way! I personally chose the quarterly option since the plan generally covers 12 weeks but it is ever changing and Krissy is constantly adding more recipes and workouts and extending the plans.


Let me know if you give this a try to start your fitness and health journey. We’re all rooting for you xoxo



2 thoughts on “Tone & Sculpt Ambassador!

  1. Hi,

    How did you become an ambassador? Did you reach out to Krissy and T&S letting them know you’re interested or did they select you? I hope to one day become one of Krissy’s ambassadors too because I love her app and believe it is the best app out there!


    1. Hi Christine, thank you for stopping by my page. She had a bit of an application thing on Instagram and chose randomly after reading many girls posts about why they want to be an ambassador. Please read my blog post titled “Fitness Influencers: Are They Really What They Seem To Be?” because I ended up quitting as an ambassador, as did many other girls and I talk about all of that here! xo


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