About Me

A little about myself – I’m 28 years old and I am a Certified Public Accountant! I have my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and my Master’s in Financial Planning. I finally left public accounting and now have a government job. The 6am-2pm life is the only life for me.

I’ve been on my fitness journey since 2011. My passion and love for all things fitness and nutrition has really been a lot of trial and error and self research! I’ve learned SO much over the years and my eyes have been opened very recently — I no longer want to obsess over fitness and nutrition, but rather, create a life of balance and health, mentally and physically.

I’ve discovered so much about myself and my body over the years, and I am so excited to finally share my journey (past, present & future) with you all. If I can help one person, I would feel successful 🙂 I am not a personal trainer but I would love to share workouts and nutrition tips that have helped me, so feel free to reach out to me anytime!

I am an absolute sugar addict!!! Shocking, I know… 😉 . It is one of the biggest hurdles I am trying to work on. I truly believe that my restrictive diet fads and deprivation over the years has led me to adopt this “binge-eating” way of life when it comes to sugary treats. It is a tough cycle to break, but I try like hell every day. If you follow my journey, you’ll hear more about this.

My biggest piece of advice is that if you REALLY want to make a change, you won’t have any excuses… if you sorta/kinda want to make a change, you will find an excuse whenever the going gets tough and inconvenient. Work at your health/fitness every day and make it a habit. Drink lots of water. Love yourself and your body at EVERY stage of your journey because I can promise you that you cannot exercise away self-hate. Motivation won’t always be there, and that’s when your dedication has to kick in. Most importantly, there is much more to life than focusing on how many calories you’re consuming and burning. MUCH, MUCH MORE. You got this!