Fitspos and My Workouts

As many of you probably know, I look up to very few people… even on IG. I feel like social media is saturated with fakes and highlight reels, photoshop, plastic surgery, and lies. I used to WISH I could look like so many of the beautiful fitness models I followed on Instagram, until it suddenly hit me — NO ONE’S LIFE IS THAT PERFECT.

So one day, instead of feeling badly about myself whenever I saw a fit chick with perfect hair, a perfect bod and a perfect face… I asked myself one question:

“Do her posts motivate me or do they make me feel inadequate (based on the message and picture)?”

This isn’t an easy question to ponder. Many may assume if you feel the latter, you’re just being insecure. Well, let me tell ya something — that AIN’T TRUE, SWEETIES. I like to think of myself as a pretty confident person. I don’t throw compliments to just anyone. That person has to be just as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside or you ain’t getting a compliment from me 😂

barely famous bye felicia GIF by VH1

If a picture is posted with positive and good intentions, it is easy to tell based on the message (i.e. caption) and the taste of the photo. If it just isn’t your cup of tea or the message is conceited and not motivating at all — JUST UNFOLLOW THEM. If they are just trying to promote and sell skinny teas and fat burning supps that are literally a waste of your fucking money — JUST UNFOLLOW THEM. It does wonders for your mental health. They don’t know you anyway and if they’re as superficial and conceited as the material on their page, they also probably don’t care. 🤷‍♀️

With that said, I do adore a lot of the fitspos I follow and I even feel like I could genuinely be friends with some of them.

Welp, I finally hung out with one of my absolute fav IG humans: Cristina Capron (@cristinacapron on Instagram) and she is just as great in real life as she is on social media.

I started following her four years ago from my original Instagram account, and way before her Instagram blew up to more than half a million followers. I watched her Youtube channel and tried the workouts she would post right on her Instagram account for free. Lemme tell you – SO. EFFECTIVE. The GLUTES are ALWAYS on FIRE.

teyana taylor dancing GIF

So many of my friends would always text me and say I reminded them of her and vice versa (what a freakin’ compliment doe).

I get questions about what kind of workouts I do and how I plan them, etc. Well, here’s my secret – I’ve been using Cristina’s workout app! Her content is SO motivating and inspiring, and she is so real and down to earth. There is nothing fake or conceited about this beauty and she is full of nothing but good intentions with her messages and posts.

I reached out to her in 2017 asking for advice and guidance related to fitness and life in general, and she replied with nothing but honesty and kindness. Fast forward to 2018, keeping in touch here and there through likes and comments, we finally got to meet up.

We met up for breakfast with our boyfriends (chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes to be exact) and talked about everything under the sun — movies, TV shows, FOOD (V IMPORTANT), donuts (V V IMPORTANT), vacations, and just random stuff. It’s pretty cool how you can connect with people via social media and essentially become… friends!

If you are looking for a motivating person in all aspects (especially fitness/nutrition), you have to follow Cristina. She holds fitness challenges very often and if you visit her website here you can find so many amazing transformations and testimonials from her clients. The app I use is called CCFIT (both Android and iOS compatible) that you can sign up for on her website (it’s cheaper than signing up through the Apple Store – and being the kind human she is, she even tells us this all the time on her posts). It is the most affordable app (like, a whole $6 a month which is cheaper than the shit latte I ordered from Starbucks this morning) I have seen and the workouts and content are phenomenal. To download the app is free and she also has FREE content on there which are also great. I am a premium member and I’ve done a few plans on there myself (6 Weeks to Bigger Cheeks and Fit For Summer) and saw so much progress when I was being consistent and not shoving 200 Oreos down my throat. I am currently doing Fit For Life because the 4 day split works best for my schedule, and it’s amazing.

She is GOALS in and out of the gym. Exhibit A)


AND she’s a cool ass friend.

If you don’t already follow her or use her plans, I don’t know WUT U R DOING, but you have to. I am never as motivated to crush my workouts as I am when I got that CCFIT app on deck and ready to go.

If you try any of her plans, let me know what you think! And remember, try to only follow and aspire to be like those who really work their ass off to make a difference and are just good humans. We don’t need anymore negativity in this world or anymore people trying to sell you a fake dream. Learn to tell the difference. Make a difference.



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